Find Your Freshman Guitar – Range Guide

It can be a daunting task trying to choose a new guitar, but whether you’re buying your first guitar or your fiftieth, there’s a Freshman that’s right for you. Our quick guide below will walk you through the different Freshman ranges to help you on your way.

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Great Players – £149.95 to £399.95

Our most affordable range, the Renegade series is specifically designed to be easy to play, making these guitars the perfect choice for beginners, or guitarists looking for their first serious instrument.

Every Renegade is inspected and set up in the UK and, like all Freshman Guitars, comes with a lifetime warranty. The Renegade series is extremely popular, partially because of its affordability, but also thanks to their build and sound quality. Beginner or not, there are many members of the Freshman family who have played their Renegade for years, and find that it only gets better with age.

With Renegade, there’s plenty of colour options, from natural to purple, and you can choose between acoustic and electro-acoustic models.

Price Range – £149.95 to £199.95
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The Maple Ridge series is an award-winning collection of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars. Featuring solid Sitka Spruce tops, these guitars offer hand selected timbers at incredible prices.

Sometimes affectionately referred to as the “FA1s” thanks to their model codes, the Maple Ridge line covers every need at the most affordable end of our catalogue. Options include six-strings, twelve-strings and traveller guitars. So, whatever you’re looking for, the Maple Ridge series gives you affordable, award-winning guitars that offer incredible return on investment.

It can’t be understated how much of a difference a solid top can make to the long-term quality of sound produced by a guitar. Choose a Maple Ridge guitar and experience the difference.

Price Range – £199.95 to £399.95
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Stage Ready – £399.95 to £699.95

The Songwriter Series marks our ultimate commitment to the creative musician. Thirteen distinct, all-solid, professional grade guitars are designed to challenge expectations in this price bracket and provide legitimate stage-ready instruments for budding creative musicians.

Whether you’re making videos for YouTube, recording your first EP, or performing to sold out crowds, the Songwriter Series will always sound as good as you do.

Electro-acoustic models are fitted with German designed AER pickup systems unique to Freshman Guitars. On top of that, Guitar & Bass awarded the Songwriter Series SONGOTSB its ‘Best Acoustic Guitar Under £1000’ award as part of their ‘Gear of the Year’ awards, as well as Acoustic and Guitarist magazines recommending Songwriter Series models in their Best of 2014 issues.

Price Range – £399.95 to £599.95
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When you take to the stage, your guitar makes as big a statement as your music. The diverse Apollo Collection features an eclectic mix of exotic and traditional tonewoods, as well as beautiful finishes such as abalone and herringbone. Recipients of multiple 5-star reviews, players never fail to point out that the Apollo Collection delivers a sound just as good as they look.

Starting with the Apollo 1OC and Apollo 1DC models, this collection of guitars is continually popular among our endorsees, with Apollo Boutique models like the AB3 Autumn often drawing the eye. Perfect intonation. Balanced tone. A clear voice with loads of character. Truly, the sound that dreams are made of, and absolutely ideal for the stage.

Price Range – £349.95 to £699.95
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AB3 Autumn

Luthier Class – £799.95 to £1999.95

We believe that every guitar is a significant investment for the player – whether that investment is measured in time or money. The 400 Series offers a return on that investment like no other, with price comparable guitars offering you far poorer tonewoods and far less rewarding sound.

From their solid ‘AAA’ Grade Engelmann Spruce tops to their Maple binding, the 400 Series exemplifies a stunning level of craftsmanship. Described by Guitarist Magazine as delivering a sound that is ‘richer and more glistening’ than their competitors, and awarded the highest ever review score for an acoustic by Acoustic magazine, the 400 Series begs to be played for hours on end.

Price Range – £799.95 to £1299.95
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Embodying the same principles as the 400 Series, the 500 Series offers a more diverse selection of tonewoods, with tops made of either ‘AAA’ Grade Sitka Spruce or Canadian Cedar. Solid Rosewood backs and sides give the 500 Series an engaging, zesty sound without any loss of depth, while an Ebony fingerboard adds to the luxury.

Described by Acoustic magazine as having ‘a faultless finish that demands respect’ and ‘exceptional’ sound, the 500 Series is an example of the quality of Freshman Guitars that we are happy to present time and again.

Acoustic magazine ‘instantly fell in love’ with what they described as ‘one of the prettiest, most appealing guitars’ they have ever reviewed. We’re confident that you’ll fall in love just as fast. These are guitars that are equal in terms of quality and tone to anything else in their price range.

Price Range – £1299.95 to £1599.95
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The 600 Series features our finest tonewoods and finishes, as well as a truly inspiring build quality. A select group of guitars, each of the three 600 Series models represents their respective body shapes in the best possible light. The Dreadnought cutaway provides deep bass and an attacking ‘thump’, while the Grand Auditorium delivers a versatile, sunny richness, matched by its cutaway companion.

It’s often a challenge to describe sound with written words. We recommend that every player experience the 600 Series in person. Uplifting, complete, and inspiring – this is all true of the 600 Series.

These finely appointed guitars sit at the top of our price range, yet allow the player to buy into a class of materials and craftsmanship typically reserved for luthier built guitars. Yet, as Guitar & Bass Magazine said, “all at a price that most luthiers would find impossible to achieve.”

Price Range – £1999.95
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– 92% Overall Score


Traditional Classics – £79.95 to £379.95

The Classic Sound of Spain

Nylon stringed guitars play an essential part in the history of the guitar as well as music as a whole. The Manuel Ferrino range pays tribute to this heritage with a select range of excellently priced student guitars, as well as finer models for the experienced player.

Models such as the MFA offer the qualities of a solid ‘A’ Grade Sitka Spruce top, and is available in left hand, while the eye-catching MFBC features solid Canadian Red Cedar.

Electro-acoustic models are fitted with quality Fishman systems.

Price Range – £79.95 to £379.95
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With a famous Hawaiian heritage, the ukulele has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player there’s hours of enjoyment to be had in learning to play a uke. The sound produced by our excellent examples will make the time fly by all the quicker.

Freshman’s range of ukuleles includes tenor, concert and soprano sized models, along with a wide selection of stunning tonewoods. All of our ukuleles include a gig bag or case. Unique models like the bell brass resonator UKBRASSRES are complimented by the affordable mahogany UKMAH, which is available in both soprano and concert sizes.

If you’re looking for a gift for the guitarist who has everything, a ukulele is a great choice. It takes 5 minutes to learn your first tune, but a lifetime to master the uke.

Price Range – £79.95 – £399.95
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