Songwriter Series – The Best Reviewed Guitar Series of 2014

Songwriter Series – New From Freshman Guitars

The Songwriter Series is a brand new range of outstanding all-solid instruments from Freshman Guitars. Whether you are a busker, a session musician, or a struggling artist trying to make that next, big step, the Songwriter Series is designed around you. With graded woods, bone nut and saddle, and world-leading AER electronic systems, there’s no other guitar that will deliver such incredible acoustics for so little.

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OM Body

The Songwriter Series features three OM Body models – a natural finish, a sunburst finish, and a left-handed option. These models were designed to guarantee a balanced clarity of tone from the crisp top end, through the well-defined mids, to the surprisingly full bottom end. Their refreshing, welcoming personality suits fingerstylists, but takes on a whole new character when you start to strum. Any professional guitarist will tell you that this can only be achieved with the right choice in timbers – ‘AA’ Grade Canadian Sitka Spruce and Select Mahogany.

“Simply oozes character and warmth… Strings ring out with a lovely, piano-like clarity and a pleasing depth of tone… The overall tone is without doubt up there with the best…” – 4.5 out of 5 ‘Excellent’

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As with the OM models, there are three Dreadnoughts in the Songwriter Series. From the very first strum these guitars offer a crisp top end, through to a full low end that begs for rhythm work. Delivering a bold, brave sound, they gift players with more volume without losing any tonal balance. This well-rounded sound has defined numerous careers, but no guitar will do it as well, as affordably, as the Songwriter Series dreadnought.

“Displays a proud and timeless dreadnought tone right from the off… What makes this Freshman stand out from the crowd is the fact that solid construction makes this guitar one to savour over the years…” – 4 out of 5 ‘Excellent’







Electro Acoustic

The Songwriter Series is proud to feature an AER pickup uniquely voiced for these guitars. These outstanding electronics are exclusive to Freshman Guitars, developed in conjunction with the world-leading German acoustic electronics company. The marriage of the two has resulted in a system that produces a true replication of the acoustic tone, unlike any other, and at an unbelievable price. Four models feature the system in total.

First, the SONGDCE rewards passionate playing, with lively tones harmoniously jumping off its soundboard. Its sleek cutaway opens up your options, freeing you to explore. However, if your preference is for the time-tested brilliance of solid spruce and mahogany, and you appreciate the versatility of the OM body shape, there is no better choice than the SONGOC. Pitch perfect intonation and stunning harmonics marry together to produce a consistent blend that is both familiar and welcoming to the ear.





Electro-Acoustic Rosewood

Every single Songwriter Series guitar is an all-solid instrument, but the ‘RW’ models feature stunning Rosewood back and sides as opposed to the Mahogany seen elsewhere. In selecting Indian Rosewood for the back and sides of the dreadnought SONGDCERW, Freshman Guitars have achieved an excellent tonal balance and exceptional clarity. Harmonics ring out, with the bottom end delivering ribcage shaking bass, partnered with a crisp and well-defined top end.

With the OM Body SONGOCRW, a full bottom end offers the foundation for a potent, attention grabbing sound, complimented by well-defined mids and a generous top end. Beautiful to look at, and even better to play, the SONGOCRW is instrument and muse rolled into one.

Both guitars feature a beautiful cutaway and are fitted with the excellent AER Tube System.






Those who have tried the SONGTRAVNAT have all had the same reaction. It delivers a clarity and fullness of sound unlike any traveller they have heard before. Thanks to an innovative deep body design, the SONGTRAVNAT, with all solid tonewoods, produces all the qualities of a ‘real’ guitar. Designed for a truer acoustic sound, tone no longer needs to suffer in favour of size.

“…the latest evolution in Freshman’s high value approach to guitar making, with the new for 2014 Songwriter Series promising to offer all the giddy tonal delights of all-solid wood construction…”

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12 String

The SONGD12 makes a bold statement. From the first strum you’ll hear that this guitar is not just an instrument, but a companion – one who multiplies your sound and doubles your acoustic voice. Every one of its twelve strings sits perfectly across the tonal range, delivering a fullness that fills every corner of a room. Suddenly, one guitar sounds like two, as each octave performs in perfect chorus. Thanks to its hand selected tonewoods this is a companion that will only get better with age.