Steven Seagal

The Story of how Hollywood Legend fell in love with family run Guitar company is a pretty amazing one.

Last year blues rocker JJ Gilmour, one of the many talented musicians freshman guitars supports, was touring the US. A tour which encompassed a stint as a support act for one Mr Steven Seagal. The guitars for this tour were insured for $1,000,000.000

After great success in the US, the sell out tour came to the UK. During this musical director Harold Smith and Nate Holleman, who have played with acts such as BB King and George Benson, contacted the owner of Freshman Guitars, Sean Kelly, and demanded to visit their Scottish Headquarters. After only 1 hour they were the happy owners of three Freshman guitars.
A few days later on a quiet Sunday evening Sean’s mobile rang, on the other end none other than Steven Seagal himself, Hollywood had come calling! Having tried Harold’s instrument he couldn’t stop talking about how much he loved the sound and quality of the models and requested Freshman design and build him a signature model fit for the purpose of studio and touring. Of course Freshman rose to the challenge.

Now the guitar is finally finished and it truly befits a Hollywood legend and blues master like Seagal. Have a look at this stunning model!

The Steven Seagal Signature Model

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